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Well, there's a spectrum, right? Yes, there are the stalkers and the scary cases of people confusing fiction and reality.

But I've seen clips of fan events where the announcer says something like, "Who wants to see Victor Kiriakis?" And a cheer rings out as John Aniston walks out on stage. Or in an interview, the person will say something like, "I understand things are going to get heated between you and [insert character name]." And, yes, sometimes, in those same interviews, the actors slip in and out of the third person and the first person when talking about their character.

On this very message board, I've seen people accidently refer to the character when they meant the actor (and vice versa). I've done it myself! Of course, I definitely know the difference between the two, but sometimes, in typing quickly, I will make what is in my view a fairly common error. Any time an actor plays a long-running or defining part/character, there exists this possibility. Heck, I've seen actors who play villains onstage get boo'd by the audience at the curtain call. Doesn't necessarily mean that every audience member is confused/stalkerish/delusional; and in fact many actors take this as a compliment that they played the villain so well.

I've seen FB page posts where fans address the actor as the character. When the mods point it out, most apologize and feel embarrassed. In fact, that's what the poster for ED did after the twitter drama ensued. So, I for one, will not put her in the category of crazy stalker/delusional fan just yet. Again, yes, she was rude with her tweet. And yes, she got mixed up -- or caught up -- in the "badness" that is Kristin DiMera. ED could have laughed it off, as she's done in the past, or ignored it. She didn't. Her choice. I was just commenting that -- in my opinion -- I've seen her handle situations like this much better than she did in this instance.

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