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Viewing Single Post From: Thursday July 11th Daily Discussion
S loves EJ

Jul 13 2013, 01:58 PM
Jul 13 2013, 01:55 PM
Or we could discuss what happened on Thursday's episode and not 12/29/06 over and over again.
This violent sex between a man and a woman he raped happened on Thursday's episode.

The Ejami sex on thursday wasnīt violent, he was a little rough before the sex started but the sex itself wasnīt violent. I do think the transition between arguing and sex could have been a little better though. I donīt have a problem with EJ being a little rough but I think he could have used a lower more seductive voice. I donīt see how screaming in someoneīs ear is suppose to turn someone on, but whatever floats your boat Samantha.

Jul 14 2013, 12:54 PM
Dannifer creates buzz. I guess that means they were right to fire MA and destroy the history of J&J since it created buzz.

I think buzz is good if it has a positive effect on ratings. I havenīt seen Ejami having a positive effect on the ratings, but I didnīt saw it last fall with Safe or with Lumi last spring either, so Iīm not sure if it matters which of these couple they go with. I doubt Dannifer have a positive effect on the ratings though and I think it is wrong to fire a veteran like Jack who has a lot longer history with Jennifer even if Iīm personally isnīt interested in either Dannifer or J&J.
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