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Jul 14 2013, 12:54 PM
Dannifer creates buzz. I guess that means they were right to fire MA and destroy the history of J&J since it created buzz.
Yes Dannifer do create buzz that's why they're still sucking it up on the screen. Have you ever heard the term "there's no such thing as bad publicity"? Its absolutely true. That's why Ejami/Dannifer are still being given the most screentime and promotion, despite all the whinning, pissing, RINR wails etc.
TPTB don't care if you talk good about them or talk bad about them, just as long as you talk about them.

It was like the situation with Bryan D a few years back. He had a good fanbase and so did Lumi, but when JS came on the screen seems like I remember his fanbase starting bitching about JS/EJ constantly more than talking about Bryan/Lucas...and you see where he is today.

If you don't like and actor....if you don't like a story and want it gone...talking about it, even if the talk is negative isn't the way to get rid of it....silence is.

Now as for as MA goes...since the buzz came "after" he was fired I doubt that it had any effect on the decision to let him go. As Matthew Ashford told me and several others a few years back...Gary Tomlin doesn't like the character of Jack and didn't want to write for him.
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