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Jul 14 2013, 12:18 AM
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Was there a problem between Peter and TomSell? Something more than just that TomSell wasn't interested in writing for Bo? I hadn't heard anything about that, so I'm curious if there is something someone can point to or something that was heard.

The speculation/likely truth is that Tomlin hates Peter and blames him, at least in part, for being fired the first time.
the Tomlin/Peter stuff goes back to all the BTS drama between Peter, Kristian, & CC. I remember hearing rumorings that Tomlin would hang out in the studio right next to the directors & tell Peter how he wanted him to play a certain scene - whether that be playing Bo like he didn't give a shit about Hope, or breaking down into a loud sob after Bo & Carly broke up (an episode or two after Bo basically told Hope that he loved her & wanted to be with her).
As little value as i put in what CC wrote in her "book", she does state that she & Tomlin were on "one team", while most of the other actors/crew members were on "the other team" (i.e., Kristian's).
Is it loose cannon that Tomlin was not interested in writing for Bo? Who knows maybe the network was not interested in this character? Everyone knows that the writers write for those they are told to write for.
when TomSell took over for MarDar, there was a clear drop in the amount both Bo & Hope were on screen. conclude from that whatever you wish. there also hasn't been much effort put into giving Hope something concrete to do since Bo left, even though Ken just said in his interview that Kristian needed a meaty story (or however he phrased it).
I'm not sure what the relationship between Tomlin & people like Bruce Evans is, but clearly it was good enough for Days to bring him back, though not in the same position. (if Tomlin mistreated Peter & Kristian the way it's been hinted at, i can't see Corday running to Tomlin asking for him to return.)
so while there's a lot of bits & pieces and speculation and interpretations, there's nothing official, so you have to draw your own conclusions.
That is not true. I'm looking at 2012's episode rankings under MarDar and Peter Reckell's screen time were mostly in the single digits,
except for May, during that whole safe house crapola.
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