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Jul 14 2013, 02:54 PM
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The Scorpion
Jul 13 2013, 05:39 PM

Quoting limited to 4 levels deep
when TomSell took over for MarDar, there was a clear drop in the amount both Bo & Hope were on screen. conclude from that whatever you wish. there also hasn't been much effort put into giving Hope something concrete to do since Bo left, even though Ken just said in his interview that Kristian needed a meaty story (or however he phrased it).
I'm not sure what the relationship between Tomlin & people like Bruce Evans is, but clearly it was good enough for Days to bring him back, though not in the same position. (if Tomlin mistreated Peter & Kristian the way it's been hinted at, i can't see Corday running to Tomlin asking for him to return.)
so while there's a lot of bits & pieces and speculation and interpretations, there's nothing official, so you have to draw your own conclusions.
That is not true. I'm looking at 2012's episode rankings under MarDar and Peter Reckell's screen time were mostly in the single digits,
except for May, during that whole safe house crapola.
that's actually not true. according to Jason's site:

Jan (of 21) - Peter & Kristian both at 11
Feb (of 21) - Peter at 11, Kristian at 10
March (of 21) - Kristian at 13 (tied for lead that month), Peter at 4
April (of 21) - Kristian at 14, Peter at 7
May (of 23) - Kristian & Peter both at 18
June (of 20) - Peter & Kristian both at 7
July (of 20) - Peter & Kristian both at 7
August (of 15) - Kristian at 8, Peter at 7
September (of 19) - Kristian at 6, Peter at 5
October (of 23) - Peter at 16, Kristian at 12
November (of 20) - Kristian at 9
December (of 20) - Kristian at 9

(compare Peter's final 2 months to Molly's 11 in August, & 18 in September - she got way more airtime for her exit than Peter & Kristian did in anticipation for Peter's)

also recall that Peter's lower numbers during March/April are because Bo was in a coma.

as you can see, outside of June & Bo's coma, the MarDar months had Peter & Kristian in double digits. The only time in 2012 Peter & Kristian reached double digits during TomSell's months was the month Peter left (and even then, they were only on 50% (for Kristian) or 70% (for Peter) of the time).
Thank you for posting this. Numbers don't lie and it's abundantly clear that TomSell have their own agenda and did not want to write for Peter. Plain and simple, TomSell dislikes the vets and will continue to cram the newbies down the viewers throats in hopes that the audience won't realize that the vets aren't on any longer.

Peter deserved a better send off than what he got. If you compare Peter's send off to Molly's, it makes me sick that Peters was so disappointing not only for storytelling purposes but to the fans as well after contributing 29 years to the show.
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