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This is one the best Sunday episodes we've had in a looong time! I love every minute of it.

Even though I saw the drama online, it was still hard to watch Aaryn, Kaitlin and GM being such bitches around the house. That little speech that GM did before the HOH competition was embarrassing. Like, what did SHE do in this competition so far to be such an amazing player? Pathetic.

And Jeremy is such a smart player. He stuck his head in the pillows while his ladies were digging their own grave. And then went up to Helen and told her everything. I just hope that Helen doesn't really trust him, because as soon as he gets control again, he's gonna go after Helen.

Amanda is just amazing. She's my #1 favorite, followed by Helen and Candice.

I am loving Judd and Jessie as the time goes by.

I can't believe that Howard just lied to Helen like that about the MC. Couldn't he tell she already knew about it? She basically told him she knew. That was such a huge mistake.

Great season so far!
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