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Viewing Single Post From: Is Peter Reckell Headed to GH?
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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Jul 15 2013, 02:46 PM
If Peter Reckell is playing a Jerome it won't be anything like Bo. He may have been a bad boy early-Bo type character when he banged Alexis, but now he'll probably be a suit and tie wearing mobster/business man. Of course he could still be hot-headed because why not write to the actor's strengths?

And yeah that was screaming "PETER RECKELL" today so loudly. I don't think whoever is playing Sam's dad will debut for a while still. They have to let this mystery play out. Its totally Ron Carlivati's style to drop the leather jacket hint now even if it has nothing to do with how the character will be portrayed in the present time.
ITA.....if I were to pinpoint when Sam's dad is showing up and can be seen on screen i'd say right before November sweeps starts maybe the week leading into it....sometime mid to late October, which would land the taping somewhere around September or so...since GH isn't so ridiculously ahead like Days is....whomever is playing Sam's dad can start taping in September and appear by end of October just in time for sweeps. That is why the rumors are heating up NOW....and I really do think the chances are great that it's PR that they are looking at for this role, if they haven't inked the deal already and are just keeping quiet until he either starts filming OR, like GH is known for doing of late, they will actually hold the information until the guy airs, which IMHO would be huge ...
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