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Sammie Jo
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Jul 15 2013, 03:27 PM
Jul 15 2013, 02:47 PM
How can he possibly have something to do with her meds? She probably get's them 30 days at a time because they are a psychotropic drug. Victor sneaks in like a cat burglar in the dead of night and switches up her meds with a placebo that will look exactly like her meds.
Rather than continue blaming someone else for her behavior how about they just accept the fact that she's messed up and Faith shouldn't be around her.

Pretty soon Sharon, Faith,Cassie and the dolls will be sitting down to have tea with the queen.
don't even go there with me on what my opinion should me and what it shouldn't be. Victor could have had it done, he has connections, he's been in and out of that hospital, hell he was just ease dropping on Billy the other day how do we know he didn't do this. Sharon in in and out of reality and upcoming episodes will show that, she doesn't know reality vs fantasy. And just because big bad victor couldn't get one person to do something for him that would stop him? Come on now how long have you been watching?
Oh wait a minute, this theory about Vic tor is your opinion? I got the impression that it was a spoiler you were posting.

According to these "spoilers", this poster speculates the outcome of the paternity story (this is his theory)...

Sharon talks with cassie and is eventually heard by either nick or Jck. Nick relizes Sharon is hallucinating and suspects something is wrong with her meds. Nick helps sharon Sharon will be hospitalized and doctors realize somebody has been messing with her meds. Then... Nick will realize that Sharon is hallucinating and Nick helps Sharon. Sharon will be hospitalized and doctors realize someone messed with Sharon's meds. Viewers will know Victor was behind it and Nick will suspect he was behind it. Nick will suspect Victor. Hense Victor found another way to do it around Mason. Eric Braden said on twitter the other day more surprised were coming. Just a theory but yeah would make a lot of sense considering Sharon finally gets help.
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