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That's Carlivati's style though. Tongue in cheek. I took it as a clue. Obviously, he had no idea the rumor about Reckell joining GH was going to come around the time of this episode airing. But when it was announced, fans would remember Alexis describing Sam's father and be like "Oh yeah, I remember..."

And hey, it's work. I don't think Reckell would care about playing a character similar to Bo. Especially since he loves the character as much as he does and would love to still be playing him. It's the show's fault he's not. It's not like he was looking for something else to play.
How is it the show's fault when it was his decision to leave??
It might have been his decision to go but it's obvious the regime isn't focusing on the likes of Bo and Hope, or John or any of the vets....he probably thought that his chances were greater to get SOMETHING at GH over trying to convince Days to sign him and then he stands around like wallpaper at Days....no thanks...I'd rather see a favorite on another show than have him sitting around at Days doing absolutely nothing...then there is always the chance that if Days does give him something they'll trash the character in a matter of months and then write him out anyway.....
Hell, he's gonna be standing around on GH anyway, so what's the difference?
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