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Jul 12 2013, 01:29 PM
Peter Reckell as Sam's dad is my DREAM casting. That would make sense for him to test with Finola and maybe give Anna/Duke more to do. Especially if he's a Jerome and Ava's brother. Plus I would love to see PR with NLG too. So many dream scenarios.

Obviously I'm only even entertaining this idea because I don't think Days wants him back at this time. If SOD is correct about this (which is doubtful) then I think PR probably went to Days and said he had an offer from GH and asked Days if they wanted him back and when they couldn't agree he went forward with GH. I highly doubt they got into real talks again and they broke down.
As much as Id love him back at Day's.. Thats just my Old Loyalty.. But Days is not what it used to be, They have no respect for the Mature Actors, and No Desire or talent to write for them. All They know are short empty Plots, With nothing to really drive the story. They know how to write Bed hopping, and def know how to shove stories and couplings that the fans hate down our throat..

So many OPP's if PR comes to GH. Since Shawn and Alexis are not so solid there is always that pairing.. But the story made it seem like He was atleast 7-10 yrs older.. And standing next to eachother Im not sure that would work. But Maybe.. And so far there are many women NOT committed to a Man, Ava/Duke a work in progress.. Carly needs a Man, So if its not going to be Roger H, Than Peter could be a good fit with her. Or if Ava does not truly commit with Franco than She could be matched to Peter as well, And they could somehow create a Franco/Carly match down the road, as RH, and LW have a great dynamic..Maybe he is a Jazz Pianist or some kind of performer, and Carly Hires him for her Hotel.. Lots of possibilities.
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