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Miss Rhi
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Jul 15 2013, 09:19 AM
Miss Rhi
Jul 15 2013, 02:49 AM
I was bored and can't sleep so googling stuff came to mind. Adam the winner of BB9 got out of Federal Prison in February and his co-conspirator Matt got out last year in December. They really did hard time for running an oxycodone distribution ring.
I tried to find out what prison they served their time in. I think it may have been Suffolk County prison. This prison was one of the prisons that Locked Up on msnbc shot from. After they were done shooting, their most famous felon arrived. Whitey Bulger. I wonder if Matt or Adam ever saw him. I doubt it. Whitey's on trial now.

I did not know that Matt was a part of Adumb's drug ring. What dumbasses
This blog of Matt's says he was in Essex County Correctional Facility which is a federal prison where apparently inmates have time to blog.



I found something online that said Adam was in Morgantown Federal Prison in Morgantown, West Virginia apparently the same prison Richard Hatch from Survivor who also didn't pay his taxes on his winnings was in.
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