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S loves EJ
Jul 16 2013, 07:20 AM
Big missunderstandings are classic angst, but in this case we have a man scared of his suppose love interest, which I think would widen the gap between them not bring them closer together. If they wanted to do Safe angst why not have Rafe waked up and have him forgotten about the last six months and only rember Sami choosing him. On other hand they already done something similar with Ejami. Still they could have had Rafe having sweet dreams of Sami waking up realizing he loves her, the fact that she is engaged to someone else is angst enough.
But in this case, the only reason Rafe is scared of Sami is because he is confused at this point and his mind isn't putting events together correctly. I do believe, tho, that there is a reason why no one is telling him that Sami didn't shoot him...Gabi had the perfect opportunity yesterday, but it was totally skipped over. I am guessing this may somehow figure into Sami's trial later on. I just hope they don't have Rafe being the one who has some subconcious revelation about what happened with Bernardi and ends up helping Sami get acquitted. They need to move these two on already.
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