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S loves EJ
Jul 16 2013, 08:17 AM
I never said there wasnīt any hope for Safe I just donīt think this storyline is meant as Safe angst in order to reunite them, but the writers can change their mind on a dime so who knows.
Frankly I'm not sure what the purpose of Rafe continuing to be in Sami's story one way or another is if not to create some sort of angst for Safe or Ejami. I'm not saying that Safe angst will lead to Sami falling back in love with Rafe, but this show historically has the characters that use to be a couple once upon a time stop interacting all together (even if they share children) when the purpose is to push one character in a story with someone else romantically. Lumi were interacting and all of a sudden we are lucky if we get 1 scene every 6 months now. Same with Ejole and when Gary was EP and Days was writing for Ejole, he stopped Ejami from interacting. It's his MO, so to have him continue to somehow have Rafe and Sami interact one way or another is puzzling to me, because either there is a purpose to it as a plot point or something that we'll see soon enough, or he really is thinking about having Sami truly not move on from Rafe....and yes, I get that she's in love with EJ and she's all over him and all but the same thing happened with Safe not too long ago and the story changed quickly. Let's just say that I think they won't break all the ties with Safe because they need Sami to start getting jealous and insert herself in whatever relationship Rafe has with Chrishell's new character.
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