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FYI, Lauren Koslow just turned 60 this past year and looks fabulous! However, I hate that they keep trying to play it off like she's much younger. Even at 65, Dee looks too young for Marlena to be playing a great-grandmother too. Thanks to SORAS-ing, there is no continuity there and they write for theses actors like they write for the 20 and 30 somethings. Didn't Marlena get pregnant 8 or 9 years ago?

I've always loved Koslow as Kate, but it never set well with me in 2011 when they brought back the original actors, Lisa Rinna (who's 50) and Patrick Muldoon (who's 44) to play her kids. For that matter, Kate's granddaughter Chelsea played by Rachel Melvin is 28.

It also really irks me that they're treating Kristen like she's still in her 30's. ED is 54! They're still addressing the events from 16 years ago like they happened yesterday while the glaring error in all this, Little Elvis, is often in the same room, all grown up. And when he's not flirting with the woman who raised him the first year of his life, they're writing for these two like they're siblings who grew up in the same house. I thought it was creepy when they had her marry Tony who also her adopted brother 20 years ago, but this chummy relationship with EJ with no mention of Susan or any of the stuff that went on with her is just as bad.
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