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Monday ("EJ's Visit")
EJ tries to be of comfort to Sami while visiting her in prison; Sonny and Will refuse to forgive Adrienne; Chad makes a confession to Justin.

Tuesday ("CT Scan")
Sami and EJ are hopeful she will make bail, until a surprise witness appears; Chad's CT scan pops up with concerning results.

Wednesday ("Good News")
EJ delivers some possible good news to Sami; Will believes he is holding Sonny back.

Thursday ("Eric Seeks Advice")
Eric turns to Hope for advice about Nicole; Cameron has some bad news about Chad's health.

Friday ("Impersonation")
Kristen impersonates someone from the past; JJ tries to retrieve his drugs without Nicole noticing.


National Enquirer Spoilers
A surprise witness challenges Samiís chances at bail
Sonny and Will refuse to forgive Adrienne
Stefano offers Chad a unique opportunity
Nick tries to make amends with Rafe.
Theresa tries to get to know Daniel better.


Sonny pleads with Justin to help Sami
Marge begs Rafe for help
Abe and Kayla come up with startling new information that might help Sami
Kate privately asks Kayla for a special request regarding Rafe.
Sami is touched when Lucas and Will show their support.
Chad is thrown when Stefano gives his word as a DiMera that he did not send Bernardi in to kill Rafe.
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