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Jul 16 2013, 03:52 AM
Jul 15 2013, 08:46 PM
I'm hoping Rafe won't remember his "relationship" with Kate, too, but for the simple reason that there wasn't any. Fuck buddies does not a relationship make, writers, so please stop trying to make it into what it never was.
We already know that Rafe remembers his relationship with Kate -- or, at least, he did on the day that he emerged from the coma. He had a dream about lying in bed with Kate that ended with Stefano attacking him with the metal pipe that Jensen had actually attacked Rafe with. Obviously, the characters on the show do not know this yet, but unless the writers intend to claim that Rafe forgot his relationship with Kate after emerging from his coma, the audience already knows that he remembers it.
My issue is with the word relationship in regard to Kate and Rafe. This was nothing but a sexual affair...they never had a date or a serious conversation...nothing but sexual romp after sexual romp. They were fuck buds, not an in love couple. That seems to be what Rafe also has remembered. I hate that now they are having Kate running around acting like a lovesick puppy over Rafe and making their sexual affair into more than it ever was especially when we all saw what it really was.
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