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S loves EJ

Jul 17 2013, 06:45 AM
S loves EJ
Jul 17 2013, 06:13 AM
It depends whether EJ realizes that Eric has feelings for Nicole aswell. Still it doesnīt really matter since I donīt believe EJ to be jealous of Eric, because EJ is happy with Samantha and it looks like the writers are committed to write for Ericole, so I donīt see anything coming out of it for Ejole. That doesnīt mean that they wonīt reunite Ejole someday but I donīt see it happening before next year. Therefore I donīt see the point of having EJ tell Eric since it is non of his business and they could have used someone else to do it.
If Eric has feelings for Nicole. apart from friendship, he is not even aware of it. So far everyone seems to be picking up on Nicole's feelings for Eric. No one has picked up that Eric has feelings for Nicoel. Well nobody has mentioned it so far.

As for EJole. I don't particualr like the way the way they are writing EJ. I am really disappointed in eveything he has done so far including kicking his dad out of his own home. I use to love their father, son relationship and I am disappointed that its come to this, and the reason given as to why, is not good enough for me. I think Nicole deserves far better than this EJ on our screen, so Sami can keep him. To me, neither EJ or Sami are rootable, so I have no interest in what happens to them.

I like Eric. I have no idea where the stroy ig going, but I am enjoying Eric, and Nicole's interactions. I was enjoying Nicole and Brady''s interaction until they decided to turn him stupid again.

I like EJīs and Stefanoīs father, son relationship too, but I also like them when they are at odds with each other. Itīs not like itīs the first time it has happend; EJ betrayed Stefano for Sami in the past and he turned his back on him when the truth about Sydney came out. So I think it is with in their relationship to fight but then reconcile. I think it would have been strange if EJ hadnīt payed him back for turning his back on him. The only thing that might speaking against them reconcile this time is JMīs age and that he might retire soon.
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