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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepafter emerging from his coma, the audience already knows that he remembers it.
My issue is with the word relationship in regard to Kate and Rafe. This was nothing but a sexual affair...they never had a date or a serious conversation...nothing but sexual romp after sexual romp. They were fuck buds, not an in love couple. That seems to be what Rafe also has remembered. I hate that now they are having Kate running around acting like a lovesick puppy over Rafe and making their sexual affair into more than it ever was especially when we all saw what it really was.
Not to be "that guy" who pulls out the dictionary and lectures someone about the proper definition of a word, but Rafe and Kate did have a relationship. It might not have been what you would describe as a meaningful relationship, but it was a relationship nevertheless. You're placing your own meaning on the word that isn't necessarily going to match up with someone else's meaning of the word, hence your objection to its use. While that is understandable, not everyone is going to agree with you. Similarly, some people object to the use of the word "affair" when it is used to describe a sexual relationship between two unmarried and otherwise unattached individuals, such as Brady and Kristen or Rafe and Kate, because they attach their own connotation -- extramarital affair -- to the word, but that doesn't make the use of that word to describe a sexual relationship between two unmarried and otherwise unattached individuals wrong.

And I don't know about anyone else, but I certainly saw evidence that Kate and Rafe were developing deeper feelings for each other. I can understand how someone could believe that their relationship progressed from a "friends with benefits" arrangement to something more serious too quickly, or that their relationship didn't progress from a "friends with benefits" arrangement to something more serious in a way that was organic and believable, but I can't understand how someone could claim that the aforementioned progression never happened at all. It certainly did in the episodes that I was watching. Kate and Rafe didn't want to end their relationship. They were sad when it did end. Various individuals who knew Kate and/or Rafe well observed that Kate and/or Rafe were happier after the relationship started than they had been in the months leading up to the start of the relationship. When Rafe made that rude comment about Kate's past as a prostitute during one of their arguments, it genuinely hurt her -- not because it was something that she had never heard before, but because she hadn't been prepared to hear it from someone whose opinion actually mattered to her.

What started as a "friends with benefits" arrangement quickly evolved into something deeper, and that's okay -- many "friends with benefits" arrangements do. That's why people often say that such arrangements never work, because at least one person in the arrangement always ends up developing stronger feelings for the other person.
Oh I believe they were enjoying their sexual companionship and it certainly put a smile on their faces, but as far as saying they were developing deeper feelings? I'm not buying that. I'm not saying they were shown cold hearted wham, bam thank you ma'am now get out of my bed, they obviously liked each other, but it certainly played as a fling. I saw that they had commonality such as family loyalty Rafe for his sister and Kate for Will, but I didn't see any relationship building as they discovered their own personal connection. Yes, Kate liked Rafe in her bed and he's a decent man who isn't going to play her the way Stefano did so it's natural for her to be sad to let the fling go. They were having fun. But to now have Kate declaring Rafe saved her soul and her hovering bedside weeping comes across fake. This 'relationship' didn't earn the depth of feeling they are trying to convey from Kate. I didn't see a love affair, I saw a happy sex romp. Where did we see Rafe developing deeper feelings? When did it become 'serious' to him? He might have been bummed to end it, but he did and without emotional turmoil attached.

Rafe's not a nasty guy, so I'm sure he felt bad that Kate believed he classified her as just a good lay prostitute. I didn't see that as coupling moment though. If anything it came across as a way for the writers to keep the sexual fling going til they could get to their 'big reveal' moment down the line.

I actually think that they did develop some type of feelings for one another. At the very least Kate has and I think we've SEEN it from how she's behaved around him and what her actions have been from the moment he was hit on the head and put into a coma. Rafe on the other hand hasn't been shown to actually have had much of anything but a rebound fuck buddy relationship with her. Although, I'll say that entire, 'he saved my soul' shit was wack.....clearly...if anything....I just tend to think that Rafe probably fucked her soul back into her..then again, I love Kate to death but she was pretty soul less before she married Stefano but anyway....
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