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Considering Shane had one of the original bitch on wheels teen/young adults in Salem in Eve, he has some experience. I hope the show does explore Jeannie and Shane's relationship. It would make sense that she refuses to use Jeannie if she has significant issues with Shane because the name is tied to Shane's family. And it would be fascinating if part of the reason for Jeannie's anger toward Shane has to do with her finding out about her birth and his relationship with Kayla. Just the fact that Shane was willing to raise Andrew as his son when they thought Andrew was Victor's, but Shane pushed Kim away over Jeannie's birth after she kept secret that she believed Jeannie was Cal's creates huge potential for Jeannie to feel inferior. Add to that the fact that Shane was probably in Europe or Washington on ISA business and rarely in LA during her childhood (and then just disappeared when he was imprisoned a few years ago) and there is a tremendous amount of background for the show to work with.
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