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Previews week of July 22

Sharon goes to visit Cassie's grave. She talks to Cassie about hoping that with time Nick will forgive her when he discovers Summer is really his daughter. Just as she makes the grand confession, Phyllis appears and overhears her. Phyllis confronts Sharon about knowing the truth and Sharon doesn't back down. She feels like she is doing the right thing for "her family". Phyllis gets furious and realizes that Sharon switched the tests. Sharon tells her she will never be able to prove it and Phyllis tells her she doesn't need the authorities because she will just tell Nick, Jack, and Summer. As the two begin to argue, Phyllis walks away. Sharon grabs her to keep her from telling them and Phyllis starts running away from Sharon. Sharon gives chase and what happens next changes everything!

Billy sees how angry Melanie is about how Adam used and tossed her away. He decides to use her bitterness toward him to his advantage in his pursue to win Victoria back. He wants to find a way to oust Adam from NE so Victoria can go back the company. He goes to Melanie who tells him what Adam did. Billy tells her that she has ground to sue him for sexual harassment. Melanie is apprehensive at first but then agrees to do it. Erin Chambers says that Melanie is angry and looking for a little payback.

credit: jcren
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