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Jul 17 2013, 06:59 PM
I don't know but I get the vibe that Chad will die of some brain tumor or hemorrhage or something and that will help thaw out Ej and Stefano a bit

There really is no reason why the show couldn't have put Bryan on contract and have Lucas and Theresa start something. If she has a drug problem then he can mentor her on how to stay sober...if you add that JJ starts falling for her and she falls for Lucas... That would be a good story if JJ turns all dark against his uncle. You have built in layers with Jennifer being Lucas' sis and JJ's mom, Sami is Theresa's cousin, and you can even toss Dan if you want since him and Lucas have history. it really doesn't take much thought to come up with something for Lucas... These stories write themselves, but they refuse.
Theresa looks like she's too young for Lucas, IMO. Not that I would necessarily mind seeing them together (aside from the fact that I can't stand Jen Lilley) -- I firmly believe that no storyline should be considered "wrong" or "off-limits" (as I've repeatedly stated in response to the complaints about Brady sleeping with "the person who changed his diapers"), and I wanted Kate and Chad to hook up with each other -- but I would want characters on the show to acknowledge that she basically looks like she's Will's age. I would want Lucas to check to make sure that she's legal before displaying any sort of interest in sleeping with her. Bryan Dattilo looks good for his age, but he clearly looks like he's old enough to be Will's father, and regardless of Jen's actual age, she looks like she is around the same age as Will (and Sonny, and J.J., and Chad, and T, and Cameron, and Abby, and Gabi -- all of whom Lucas looks like he could have fathered).

And yes, Theresa looks like she's too young for Daniel, too (not that he would let that stop him, since he was interested in Chelsea at one point), but right now, we don't know for certain that those two are going to be paired with each other in that way. I'm just saying that if she gets paired with anyone in that age group, I'd rather see the writers address the age difference instead of glossing over it or ignoring it entirely.
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