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Jul 17 2013, 08:47 PM
I'm just saying that if Kate had of waltzed in and shot Sami when she was hovering with a match over EJ's unconscious body we wouldn't all be loudly proclaiming her right to do so.
I'm not sure that I get the point that you're trying to make. :shrug:

People are defending Sami's right to shoot Bernardi to save Rafe's life because they, as viewers, know that Bernardi was planning to inflict bodily harm on Rafe (to put it mildly...). They're not saying that she had a right to kill Bernardi because he was a dirty cop -- they're saying that she had a right to kill him because he was going to harm Rafe. That's what she believed based on her interpretation of the scene, and that's what was really going to happen. It doesn't matter if Bernardi was a misunderstood cop whom Stefano had taken advantage of (and we have no evidence that that was the case, but it doesn't matter either way) -- the bottom line is that if Sami hadn't shot Bernardi, Rafe would have emerged from his coma without a very important part of his anatomy, if he had survived the attack at all. That's why people (viewers, anyway -- obviously many characters will have good reasons to doubt Sami's story, but the "we" in your post suggests that you are referring to the audience) are defending Sami.

I didn't watch the clip that you linked (because it's about E.J. and Sami :yuk: ), but in your scenario, if Kate had waltzed in and shot Sami because Sami had been hovering over E.J.'s unconscious body with a match in her hand and Kate had assumed that Sami had been planning to light him on fire, and the audience had known that Sami was indeed planning to do so, then yes, I have every reason to believe that people would have indeed defended Kate's right to shoot Sami. (Hell, given the level of hatred that Sami seems to inspire in some viewers, I'd wager that some people would have defended Kate's right to shoot Sami either way, but that's another matter entirely.)
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