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Jul 18 2013, 11:43 AM
Jul 18 2013, 11:35 AM
If "Seth" is intended as a love-interest for Hope, I would wager that if Peter Reckell goes to GH as is being hinted at in various places (although nothing is confirmed as far as I know), then Days will be left no choice but to finally actually address the situation with Bo & Hope once and for all. It sucks, but I'd rather see them divorce than have them kill Bo off (again)...it would at least leave room for a return that's not from the dead & they could still work on their relationship. I'm dreaming though, with these writers, they'll probably go the route of "The Colby's" and have him picked up by a UFO.
Bo's never been killed. it's always been Hope that has been thought to be dead. the only time Bo was thought to be dead was in 1984 when he was on the plane that crashed on the island.
I'd rather have Bo dead than have Bo & Hope split/divorced yet again! we've gotten to the point where, if both are alive then there's no point in a triangle, cause it's always gonna end up the same. besides which, Hope would never move on with someone else if she & Bo split up again. Hope never hooked up with Franco, & she couldn't even let herself have romantic feelings for Justin. Yes, she slept with Patrick, but her giving into that temptation was the result of a whole bunch of big lies and an altered email. Hope admitted that she wouldn't have slept with Patrick if she had gotten the email as Bo had intended. Even still though, Hope didn't love Patrick & didn't really have serious romantic feelings for him. she just enjoyed having him as a support for her.

a one-sided breakup would be such a cop-out, imo. it would make much more sense to set up something like Bo coming home and then his plane disappearing and reports coming through saying that it's thought the plane crashed.
What I've been saying ever since we learned Reckell was leaving last October. The only storyline Bo and Hope have never faced is the other half of them being killed off. Hope has never been in the position Bo was to move on fully and completely as he was in his relationship with Carly and then Billie. Its easy to fan wank Steve and Kayla's divorce. Bo and Hope have been down that road time and again. If Reckell's not coming back any time soon, whether by fault of show's politics or Reckell's ego, they need something fresh for Hope. So, kill him. Have him grieve, and then meet someone new, like this casting call.
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