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Sammie Jo
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Jul 18 2013, 08:23 PM
thanks for urban dictionary definition.
But when I referred to "chatter" I was referring to the non-urban dictionary definition which is: excessively talkative; bombastic. (courtesy of World's English Dictionary)
I still dont find Adam to be the way you described him. But then again, each of us sees the characters differently.
I think Adam has quite the smart ass mouth on him, he's always at the ready with a dig & sarcasm, he does not let any grass grow under his feet.
The regular dictionary gives the definition of mouthy:

1.having much to say: tending to talk rudely, loudly, or too much

Synonyms: impertinence, boldness, insolence, sassiness, nerve, effrontery, audacity, rudeness, disrespect, impoliteness, mouthiness, presumption, cheek

Adam definitely is all of the above.
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