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Jul 19 2013, 01:40 AM
Didn't they try this last year with Ian Buchanan? Oddly enough, aside from being a different character, he kinda looks better and more at ease on GH now as Duke. I never got his tight mouth/pursed lip look on Days. I thought it was just bad plastic surgery, but he doesn't really look like that on GH. I don't know if it was because the writing for him was horrific on Days and never knew where his storyline was going. They sure used him to tie up 3 shitty storylines and then showed him the door.

And for fuck sake, when will people stop trying to resurrect Nicole's dead babies? Wasn't one stillborn baby resurrected from the bayou and SORAS'd bad enough? It's more plausible to give her a teenager from her Misty Circle or Trent Robbins years that she gave up for adoption.

To bring my comments full circle ... Ian Buchanan played a fertility doctor on AMC who brought Erica Kane's aborted fetus from the 70s back to life and raised him as his own son.
Sorry I've watched Nicole go on and on about wanting a baby for almost seven years now.

She's done her time. And how is she going to move on to the next generation without a child's life to meddle in.

I'll take a baby any way we can get it. It can even be ford dekkers frozen sperm.
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