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Jul 19 2013, 09:31 AM
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Jul 19 2013, 06:40 AM
I never really liked Ejole, I just don't think Ej deserves to be with any woman, but I've always found that the Ejole relationship makes Ej tolerable to me. I also think they come across as more natural. IDK but JS doesn't come across as trying too hard in his scenes with AZ. They don't seem forced or 'acted' and they just play off one another as actors better than AS/JS do IMHO. That being said, I love Ericole far too much to ever want Nicole saddled to Ej ever again... I'm not into agenda shipping at all, but I do believe that the show knows that Ejole and Lumi are the better couple options for the characters of Sami and Ej and they purposely keep those two couples to minimal interactions to be able to sell Ejami as the couple of the moment.
If Ejole and Lumi are the "better" couple options for EJ and Sami, and the show knows this, then why in heck isn't the show selling that by putting Ejole/Lumi back together? I'll tell you why...cause they don't want to!

I think the show is trying something new.This is the first time ever, Ejami hasn't been keeping horrible secrets from each other. It's EJ's turn on Sami's magical merry go round of love for as long as it lasts. Personally, I love it.

As for the Lumi/Ejole and their limited interactions, Lumi has minimal interaction cause BD barely has a role on the show anymore. I don't agree with it, but it is what it is. I don't know why Ejole has limited interaction other than they've taken them both in different directions, for now. I love Ericole and wish that Ejami had gotten even a quarter of the love story build up they're writing for these two.

But it seems like a giant stretch to claim that they are limiting their interactions, to sell Ejami. A lot of people have already "bought" into them, some are indifferent and some never will.

Like most of the couples on this show over the last 10 years. We're all not going to like the same things.

Come on now. For the same reason they didn't bother to put Ejami together before now. This logic doesn't work from either side because they change direction too often. They don't see things the same way we do.

I only watched a few minutes and I literally see NO difference between ejami right now and ejole before. I do think James plays things a little differently, but I'm not sure that I find one portrayal to be better than the other. Ultimately, I think he always tries too hard when EJ is in a relationship. He does the other stuff so much better.
and for the same reasons that they didn't put Lumi together for 10 years. Frankly the show might not want to go with couples for whatever reason, but they sure keep them 'in story' one way or another in a non romantic sense, at least they did before. Lumi was kept in story in a non romantic sense for 10 years while fans were clamoring for them to take them the romantic route they kept throwing shit at them that seemed (at the time) insurmountable. Sami thing with Ejami, for 7 years they were 'in story' even if they weren't in it romantically they certainly didn't limit scenes until a period of time in 2009 and then again in 2010 that coincidentally was the same time that they were trying to go with Ejole and Safe. For whatever reason Tomlin (in both the EP and HW capacity) does this often and it's not right.

Regardless of BD's situation...he was taken off contract in March, which coincides with what they are pretty much airing now...that doesn't explain why he was barely on from July through March though, and he was still on contract then, he could have easily been featured in scenes with his son, his mother, his grandkid and yes, Sami who he has an extensive history with...but since the show was focusing on bouncing both Ej and Rafe around with Sami, then obviously he couldn't be featured.....

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