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Jul 19 2013, 03:34 AM
I still can't stand Jen Lilley (especially when she's talking), and as a result, I don't really care about Theresa, but I will say this -- I love that there is finally someone in Salem who is openly expressing atheistic or agnostic beliefs. I'm not saying that to offend anyone, but there's been quite a bit of religious stuff on Days in the past year or so, and I'm glad that they're finally acknowledging that not everyone in Salem is Catholic, and that not everyone in Salem believes in God and/or supports the church.

I'd love to see Theresa attend the reception (just for the free food, of course -- she could have the munchies at the time) and refuse to conform to the typical formalities (such as addressing the bishop as "Your Excellency") because she doesn't believe in their religion and therefore doesn't respect their status as priests, bishops, monsignors, and so on. I'd also love to see a character who blatantly doesn't believe in God -- especially if that character were related to Eric and the writers actually wrote some juicy scenes about the matter. Balance is a good thing.
Unfortunately, with Theresa, I don't think it will last. Although, I don't think that all religious actors insist on playing characters that reflect their values, I see a setup coming. If Jen Lilley were able to play an atheist or agnostic character, I would have a lot of respect for her.

I did, however, appreciate Will coming out to Eric in their first scene and calling Eric out on the Catholic position on his identity as a human being. Eric responded he wasn't in the judgment business, which helped establish Eric as a decent enough guy, especially for someone like me who thinks "child-molesting, creepy, misogynist, bs-espousing, corrupt, hypocrites" when I see someone in a collar.

Although, to be fair, if I were Catholic, I'd probably find plenty of fault in the way Days has portrayed Catholicism.
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