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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepIf Ejole and Lumi are the "better" couple options for EJ and Sami, and the show knows this, then why in heck isn't the show selling that by putting Ejole/Lumi back together? I'll tell you why...cause they don't want to!

I think the show is trying something new.This is the first time ever, Ejami hasn't been keeping horrible secrets from each other. It's EJ's turn on Sami's magical merry go round of love for as long as it lasts. Personally, I love it.

As for the Lumi/Ejole and their limited interactions, Lumi has minimal interaction cause BD barely has a role on the show anymore. I don't agree with it, but it is what it is. I don't know why Ejole has limited interaction other than they've taken them both in different directions, for now. I love Ericole and wish that Ejami had gotten even a quarter of the love story build up they're writing for these two.

But it seems like a giant stretch to claim that they are limiting their interactions, to sell Ejami. A lot of people have already "bought" into them, some are indifferent and some never will.

Like most of the couples on this show over the last 10 years. We're all not going to like the same things.

Come on now. For the same reason they didn't bother to put Ejami together before now. This logic doesn't work from either side because they change direction too often. They don't see things the same way we do.

I only watched a few minutes and I literally see NO difference between ejami right now and ejole before. I do think James plays things a little differently, but I'm not sure that I find one portrayal to be better than the other. Ultimately, I think he always tries too hard when EJ is in a relationship. He does the other stuff so much better.
But you believe they limit Lumi/Ejole interactions to sell Ejami?
No. I have said that it appears that way with ejole (based on what Ari said), and it does appear that way. I happen to think that would be stupid because I don't think JS and AZ have an ounce of chemistry, but Ari did imply that. I've never said squat about Lumi.
AZ did say that the focus was EJ and Sami. BD just said he wasn't working, he Didnt reference any storyline for the reason.

I tend to think that TomSell just plain doesn't like the character of Lucas or BD, one or the other. Everytime they're in charge BD goes. I really don't think it has much to do with who Sami is paired with. He has enough story with other characters that he could be featured more.

As for yesterday's scenes, I like Ejole. But I didn't see all this chemistry jumping off my screen. The scenes were fine.im glad they're not hating on each other anymore. And honestly, I hope they have more scenes, but do I think this is a sign that tptb are putting Ejole back together? NO. I think we're headed for Ericole, and Ejami will be together thru the first of next year. At that point, who knows.

I'm pulling for Steffy to fake EJ's death, brainwash him so he doesn't remember Samantha, and she has to fight for him to regain his memory. Meanwhile, he's doing all kinds of villainous things & being HAWT.
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