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Jul 18 2013, 11:20 PM
I continue to think it's bullshit for cable and network tv to compete, and now Netflix. Network tv has limits. They have different budgets and financial constraints. They have to build a show around commercial breaks. It's a totally different form, imho.

I'm fine with cable and network shows competing with one another, since the lines are getting pretty blurred, anway. Most basic cable networks also have ads in their program and some broadcast networks are adopting the 13-episodes-per-season format. But, I agree about Netflix shows. First of all, they're not 'primetime'. They're 'anytime'. Second, while they are limited in budget and depend on funding, they're also free of commercial breaks. Third, their fates aren't really dependent on ratings, just funding. And lastly, where is the line between those web series which compete for the Daytime Emmys and those competing for the Primetime Emmys? What's stopping All my Children, One Life to Live or any of Crystal Chappell's shows from competing for the Primetime Emmys? There should be separate Emmys for web series.

I read something interesating today which did explain some things. The person who wrote it said that Netflix shows probably got so many nominations because they're new and exotic. Its questionable how they'll fare next year, when they won't be the new craze anymore.
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