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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

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Quoting limited to 4 levels deep
and Nicole was foreshadowing it yesterday.....when she was saying that Sami continues to make everything about her, always.......

Since we know that Brady and Kristen reconcile, I'm betting that she holds the video for now, doesn't release it because she wants Brady back....then something will happen and the video goes public somehow and by then she'll be already fully back and committed to Brady. I don't think the video of her and Eric will come out before the fall.
Even with the limited information we have now, I highly doubt Sami will make it about it her. It will end up being about her but that's because Adrienne turns over the evidence to the police and they arrest her at the school opening. Sami won't exactly call the cops and ask them to arrest her there. She won't anticipate that.
and when they come to arrest her she will leave quietly so as not to make a scene.
And that is exactly what I meant.... Knowing Sami she'll know the reason she's being arrested is because of the videotape being made public and she won't go quietly. I didn't say she would anticipate it being about her it she'll make it about her no doubt.
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