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It isn't Maggie being nosy. Abe is an officer investagating a crime, it is his business.

There's no proof that Bernardi was attacking Rafe, no red flags in his history. A friend of Rafes' was found dead in the room without a weapon.

Even if a razor is found there's no proof that it wasn't a gift for Rafe when he wakes up, or Bernardi's personal razor he had in his pocket because it fell out of his bag when he took his overnight bag into his house, and he hadn't had a chance to put it back yet. There's no law against owning a razor

The only witness claiming he had a weapon in his hand to use against Rafe is his killer. Of course Abe is suspicious and wants to know exactly what Rafe said when he woke up.

For all Abe knows, Rafe isn't confused. He woke up and saw Sami aiming for him, but slipped back into a coma before he saw Bernardi jump in front of the bullet to save his life, and that's why Rafe thinks Sami shot him. He has every reason to be angry that Kate didn't give him this information.
Rafe was in a coma, he wouldn't know what happened with Bernardi. Rafe thinks the reason he's in the hospital is that Sami shot him, which Abe knows did NOT happen, even though he's acting like the crime hasn't been solved. He wasn't shot, he was beaten to a pulp by the guy who wanted to kill Nick, thought Rafe was Nick for some reason, lol. Guess he needs glasses. Maybe Abe is getting Alzheimer's.
Read the bolded part again. We know what happened in that room, but Abe wasn't there. There is no reason for him to believe Sami with her track record of lies against Bernardi's spotless record. Abe has no reason to believe that Rafe was under attack. It's really stupid that the jury let her off. Marge is right, someone had to have been paid off.
I have served on both a regular jury and a grand jury panel. Whether a true bill is returned has much more to do with the evidence the prosecutor chooses to present to the grand jury. Justin was right, the prosecutor should have gone for a lesser charge, and Sami would probably have been indicted.

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