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camera shy
Jul 10 2013, 08:21 AM
How come Jennifer was so able to read Nicole and know that she wasn't up to any good when it came to Daniel, but she doesn't have a clue about Kristen? She just keeps singing her praises, but she can tell that Theresa is trouble for JJ, but Kristen is perfect for Brady.
Jennifer was always hella naive, but she and all of Salem saw what Kristen did with her own eyes. I guess her maternal instincts kick into overdrive where Theresa is concerned but Nicole was far less diabolical than Kristen at her worst, and Nicole was a pretty hard-luck case too. Like Emilio she did bad things but had a troubled background. I dunno, I get wanting to have female-female friendships on the show, but with Jennifer in this particular case, I feel like what the Dimeras did to Laura in the 1990s was something I would never ever be able to get over. That's her mother for heaven's sake. Jennifer and Billie, sure, friends, that makes sense. Jennifer and Carly, Jennifer and her sisters-in-law, Jennifer and Hope. But Kristen Blake, I dunno. Inconsistent to me. It's clearly all about Bristen and Dannifer mutually pimping each other.

Re. Abby - she's becoming a chore for me too. Kate Mansi, I like, but they can't think of a cohesive character for her besides Jennifer 2.0. Mansi could be doing more original things that suit her specific talents, and also be more commensurate with her earlier characterizations. It's like she just came back from England and decided to be NuJenn because the show needed someone in that mold.

ETA: Part of me would love it if Theresa seduced Daniel. Whatever flaws you can attribute to Jack, his unflappable unshaking loyalty to Jennifer (well, any woman he was in love with, or thought he was in love with) is unquestionable. But knowing DAYS, they'll put all the blame on Theresa, and have Jennifer and Abby go on and on about what an Evil Slut she is, and just excuse Daniel because oh you know Boys Will Be Boys. When Abby made everyone think Austin slept with her, if I recall correctly Carrie got to be legitimately unhappy with Austin. But with Daniel, it'll always be the story of Awful People Coming Between Perfect Good People. Even though simultaneously we're supposed to buy that Daniel isn't a Gary Stu and has Real Flaws, honest!!!1 Yegh, this character just sucks.
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