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Excellent points.

My issue regarding Jennifer and Carly's friendship was less about Carly becoming involved with Lawrence than it was about how one-sided the friendship was to begin with. As DesignatedShelley rightly points out, the friendship just came out of nowhere one day, so it was hard to swallow. But even aside from that, it was always the case that Jennifer was shown to be more into the friendship than Carly was -- more loyal, more honest, more self-sacrificing. Carly used Jennifer and she lied or told half-truths about the true extent of her past relationship with Lawrence. Jennifer walked into Lawrence's landmine-laden lair without a full set of facts, thanks mostly to Carly.

Similarly, Kristen not only hurt and lied to Jennifer, but she also had it in for Jennifer's mother and husband as well.

Funnily enough, since I know that Jennifer was always so soft-hearted and quick to forgive, I could buy her more recent friendships with Carly and Kristen to some extent if it weren't for one thing. The recent writing regimes have shown me a cold and heartless and unforgiving side of Jennifer - a side that is hostile and quick to judge. That side unfortunately is inconsistent in that it's only revealed toward females like Nicole and Chloe who dared to have feelings for Daniel - and to PTSD-suffering Jack.

This current version of Jennifer is inexplicably friendly toward some while being just as inexplicably nasty toward others. Her scale for what constitutes outrage and affront is off -- and inconsistently applied. That inconsistency is what's jarring and bothersome. What defines her friends and enemies is all plot-driven now. Nothing rings true. Even her long-standing friendship with Hope, along with her relationships to people like Maggie and Adrienne, have become all about Daniel propping, so they've lost a lot of their lustre - and their depth.
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