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I finally caught up with the show. I was behind from March. So many ppl died this season. Im happy declan is gone. I was hoping aidan didn't die. I didn't knoe the falcon was female. Poor nolan I wonder how they will get him out of jail. I think they made padma record that video before they killed her. I was shocked that victoria had another son. I cant wait till amanda and jack team up. They will be a force to be reckoned with thats for sure. Poor charlotte! that girl that was obessed with charlotte was a weird one. Conrad is such a bastard. Daniel is a fool for killing aidan. I'm happy takado died he was just using aidan and amanda. next season is gonna be a good one thats for sure. i hope jack and amanda take down the graysons. they will be a powerful force but wish that aidan could have been part there team. I'm thinking ashley could join them I hope. I wonder how charlotte will react when she finds out her father killed declan. I also liked how amanda's foster bro took down the foster mom too. JUST A VERY POWERFUL SEASON FINALE!! I'M HAPPY JACK KNOES THAT EMILY IS THE REAL AMANDA!! :applause: :applause: :yahoo:
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