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Jul 20 2013, 01:19 PM
Jul 20 2013, 10:11 AM
Jul 20 2013, 09:38 AM

Ej may play bravado, but he is very much aware that Stephano is gunning for him and he is ready to fight back. Ej is not stupid and I wish that everyone in Salem would stop warning him about Stephano like they know him better that he(EJ) does. I don't really get their concerns because none of these people actually care about Ej and more to the point it is none of their business (yeah I am looking at you Nicole. Focus on your own damn life or lack of it). I do suspect that Hope/Marlena are partly pissed because Ej succeeded in what they have tried to do and failed for decades.

Marlena and Hope have never tried to take over Dimera Enterprises. And EJ doesn't seem aware at all to me. He did at first but his overconfidence now looks like it's going to be his downfall. I think the fact that they know that DE isn't the way to get to Stefano is pretty good evidence that they do know him better than EJ.
Fair enough, Marlena and Hope have never tried to take Stephano down by taking his company, but John did. In any case, there is more than on way to skin a cat. The point is the good folks of Salem have tried doing it many times for many years and failed miserably. Granted they have mostly tried to get him by sending him to prison, but it never stuck. Now would be a good time for them to go after Stephano though since he is vulnerable at the moment.

IMO, Ej overconfidence is just a facade. Per his conversation with Justin, he knows that Stephano is coming after him and he is getting his ducks in a row hopefully with Justin's help.

I tend to think that Stephano will likely take advantage of Ej being preoccupied with Sami being in jail to strike back. It will be interesting to see how Ej juggle his war with his father and getting Sami out this latest jam.
I'm just not seeing the connection you're trying to make. The Brady's have been just as successful at getting Stefano out of town as EJ has been so far. John succeeded in taking the business too. The only reason Stefano got it back was that John decided to give it up in order to win back Marlena. EJ hasn't done anything special yet.
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