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S loves EJ

Jul 21 2013, 01:42 PM
Sweet and Salty
Jul 20 2013, 10:08 PM
Jul 20 2013, 12:08 PM
It is impossible for me to take EJ seriously as the DiMera heir apparent when just a short while ago he was giddy over stealing an aging cosmetic product from Kate. DiMeras and cosmetics are two things that should never go together. What's next, are we going to see a reappearance of the dreaded fishing hat? I miss the EJ Wells of the Black Glove who shot John. Now THAT guy was a DiMera.
Wait, why is this a problem? EJ didn't just steal a formula from Mad World. He was able to get his hands on something that gives him an advantage over his competition. If he was able to do it without paper trail, even better. Why does it matter that it's makeup? It's a lucrative business. That's being business savvy (illegitimately, of course). Companies try to do this all the time with a litany of goods. It's at least part of the reason many of them end up in court.

I can see how it is out of character for EJ to be interested in nailpolish and lipstick. Being a mob gangster and being in the cosmetica business is very far apart, even if EJ could still do illegal stuff like stealing the formula but he becomes a lighter version of a bad boy. I personally donīt mind though I love both EJ and Everett. At least I thought the episode where Sami thought EJ was gonna propose but it was an ad campaign was hilarious :blulaugh: , so as long as it is fun and Iīm enjoying it I donīt mind.

Anyway since EJ has taken over the Dimera enterprises he will be to busy with that to have time for the cosmetica business anymore and will probably leave it to Sami to run. EJ will also become more dark again according to Corday.
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