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Jul 19 2013, 09:53 AM
Jul 19 2013, 07:06 AM
Jul 19 2013, 06:40 AM
I never really liked Ejole, I just don't think Ej deserves to be with any woman, but I've always found that the Ejole relationship makes Ej tolerable to me. I also think they come across as more natural. IDK but JS doesn't come across as trying too hard in his scenes with AZ. They don't seem forced or 'acted' and they just play off one another as actors better than AS/JS do IMHO. That being said, I love Ericole fast too much to ever want Nicole saddled to Ej again... I'm not into agenda shipping at all, but I do believe that that show knows that Ejole and Lumi are the better couple options for the characters if Sami and Ej and they purposely keep those two couples to minimal interactions to be able to sell Ejami as the couple of the moment.
No truer words were ever spoken. How can they possibly have a snowball's chance in hell to sell EJ with Sami if we kept seeing the amazing EJole and Lumi interacting like all the time? As much as i hate the woman Lucas brings out the best in her (Sami & AS) just as AZ brings out the best in JS imo.
Who DOESN'T AZ/Nichole bring out the best in?!
That is a good question.

And I don't usually criticise AZ but after Fridays episode when her and Eric were so adorably cute and wonderful together I think she needs to tone it down a fraction or zone it in to just one man.

Nicole and EJ, Nicole and Brady, Nicole and Eric all have so much potential.

I'm sick of her selling me on these relationships of Nicole's only to have them torn away from her.
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