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Jul 21 2013, 06:07 PM
Jul 19 2013, 07:28 PM
Jul 19 2013, 12:25 PM
Am I crazy to think that Daniel and Jennifer have no natural chemistry? They seem so choreographed and forced. Seriously, I avoid watching them so I'm not very familiar with their history, but their scenes today at the "beach" seemed very much lacking in any sexual chemistry whatsoever, and that was the entire point of the scenes. It was not there. I don't feel it at all. Not to compare them to my favorites, John and Marlena, but I can't help it. J&M could create sparks with one look. One touch. One look between them could send chills up my spine because you could feel the longing, the desperation, the angst. You would feel uncomfortable because it was so intense. These two actors do none of that. I mean, I'm sure they are trying. I can see the effort. It's not there and no matter what they do they can't conjure it up.
I disagree. I think the only person Daniel has chemstry with is Jennifer. I think Shawn and Missy are very natural and very real together. I used to be a Jack and Jennifer fan but now that I'm older, I just don't like the goofy, slap-stick, antics anymore. Nothing against Matt but besides the PTSD storyline I wasn't interested in watching his scenes. Time for Jennifer to have a grown up relationship.
I disagree with this take on Daniel and Jennifer -- for many of the same reasons others here have already so clearly and articulately noted. Imo, they are the opposite of "mature couple," they have no chemistry (other than maybe friend chemistry), etc., etc.

But it's interesting that this exact same pro-Dannifer sentiment -- almost verbatim -- is posted on the Days FB page anywhere from 15-20 times a day from a single poster. (To be clear, I'm not saying you're that person -- just noticing the almost identical wording and sentence construction.)

Anyway, thanks for sharing your opinion here. Since I just don't have the energy to deal with that Days page, it's nice to have the opportunity to disagree with this point of view when I have the chance! :)

If Jennifer wants "a grown-up relationship" post-Jack's death, she needs to keep looking because there is nothing "grown-up" (or mature or compelling, for that matter) about her interactions with Daniel. She even gushed to Hope that he makes her feel like "a teenager again." Unfortunately, she also acts like a teenager, and given her age and supposed level of life experience, it's not a pretty sight. The giggling, the fawning, the stalking Daniel over town, the cutesy displays of clumsiness as she trips over boxes/her own feet and knocks herself out trying to reach his side, her raving over things like his Scooby-Doo impressions (seriously?) all put this relationship on the level of a middle school infatuation. And then there are the mutual tantrums, the unreasonable ultimatums, the interminable cycle of make-ups and break-ups, Jennifer's jealous tirades against those "unsuitable" women like Nicole and Chloe, who might have a claim on Daniel's attention, Daniel's adolescent need to compete/win against every other male in Jennifer's life, even her own son. "Grown-up relationship"? Maybe on some Bizarro world, but not on the soap I've watched sporadically since I was about 11. Jack and Jennifer had their absurd, comedic moments, but they could also be serious, dedicated professionals working together or against each other in a demanding career they both loved. With Jack, Jennifer showed intelligence and spunk. With Daniel, she'a a simpering, ineffectual, incompetent bit of fluff. Which saddens me, because she used to be so much more.
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