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What I don't like is the way they portray Maggie. Hello? Daniel is 40 something years old. He's not a teenager. Nor is he in his twenties and getting into his first real, serious relationship. If he was in his teens or his early 20s and headed for a fall, I could see the motherly involvement more...but he's been MARRIED. He's not inexperienced in the ups and downs of relationships. He doesn't need his mother overseeing his love life!!

She is WAY, WAY, WAY too involved in her son's personal life. It's annoying as hell. She can offer her advice, once. She can say what she thinks, once.

Then she needs to back off and let Daniel deal with his own personal life, and STOP showing up at Jennifer's door begging her to see things the way Maggie does.

It's ridiculous, honestly.

Say what you think. Give your opinion. Once. Then, move on and let your son make his own decisions.

Note: Adrienne, her son's a little younger and I can understand her concerns, but she's gone too far also. Geez, they're giving Kate a run for her money lately in the interfering mother department. All the moms do some interfering. It's to be expected...and sometimes it IS necessary....but let's not be so damn obnoxious about it!

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