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Not to me, either. I caught a glimpse of the old opportunistic EJ....he accidentally came into possession of the formula, took about a second and a half to think about it, and took it. Job well done!

I liked it too!! I don't look at it as EJ getting excited about lipstick, but more about getting one over on Kate and a step ahead with CW!
So basically Kate's product is a hell of a lot better than the product Ejami's putting out and they have to steal from her to be successful? I can believe it.
What kind of woman who wears sophisticated, high-end expensive make-up would buy a bottle of nail polish that comes with a gaudy fake-ass costume ring? You know who gets excited about shit like that? Little kids who are going to use it when they play their pretty pretty princess game:

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They actually want EJ to be taken seriously as a dangerous Godfather, yet they have him laying on the floor squeeling over what to name tubes of lipstick. :wtf: :stars: His most recent opponent was Nick Fallon, who wasn't even a tiny bit afraid :scared: to get right up in his face to threaten him in front of other people. He had EJ by the balls and EJ was helpless against him. He needed his daddy to help him.

The last bad thing he did? The goof got excited about stealing recipes for this crap:

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