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I guess my problem is that I don't find it hard to buy EJ as the head of this particular cosmetics company. Stefano is the one who put CW under DiMera control and EJ took over as head in order to have an "in" with Sami. I think it's obvious that if she hasn't been involved with CW, neither would EJ. And once EJ was involved, his competitive instincts kicked in to make the company successful. It wasn't my favorite EJ story, but i bought it as something EJ would do.

So let's go back a bit. I also struggle to see Stefano ever being the head of it.
Business at that level is business, it doesn't matter whether its cosmetics, craft supplies, groceries, chemicals or stocks. The most sought after CEO in the world is the head of Michael's Arts & Crafts...and I guarantee you he can't needlepoint to save his life, but he...just like EJ & Stefano can make money!!
And if that's all the two of them were doing, that would be fine. But instead, EJ is all up in the middle of it. The way they're playing it, it's not just business. I wasn't crazy about John running Basic Black either, but I don't remember him sitting around designing dresses. And if he did, I'd be saying the same thing. Victor owns Mad World, and he's not naming lipsticks.
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