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Jul 22 2013, 07:45 AM
Jul 21 2013, 10:09 PM
Jul 20 2013, 11:42 AM
Perhaps if Drake wanted off the bench, he should've put more effort into hitting homeruns and less effort into taking the easy walk to first.
Or the writers could give a shit about the vets and write something for them. :shrug:
Why? When you're an actor, vet or no, you act what is given you. All the vets have gone through crappy writing. They've either risen above it (Matt Ashford, Kristian Alfonso, John Aniston when he's seen, Deidre Hall), or they fall on their faces and Clint Eastwood their way through it. The actors have to do their parts, too. Just because the writers are perceived as not doing their jobs doesn't mean the actors can't do their jobs, no matter how hard they have to try to make sense out of it.
No matter how he acted it, the outcome would have still been the same. It would still be upsetting to those who like John and Marlena. I was annoyed with it, because it was so incredilby lame, and an obvious destruction of a marriage that was once strong.

John would still have attemted to sleep with Kristen, he would still have been willing to destroy his mariiage to save his grown Son, He would still have been telling Marlena that he thinks he has feelings for Kristen, and he still would have walked away from Marlena without attempting to fight for her. This is what they have written for him.

I personally don't particular care how he acted it because the whole thing was ridiculous in the first place. What kind of stupid plan was that. There was no logic or intelligence to it. If his son was 8 years old, I could more understand him willing to walk away from his marriage of how many odd years to save him, but Brady is a grown man, with a mind of his own. He was repeatedly warned about Kristen and he chose to ignore everyone and get involved with her. He even fought his dad over her. After that John should have just let him be to make his own mistakes and learn from it.

Instead we got a strong marriage that is now destroyed, and Brady turned into a complete idiot. The story ended and nobody won, and we got nothing from it. It makes you wonder if the sole purpose was to really destroy John and Marlena, so that they can keep JOhn off screen.
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