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Yep. After everything Bo and Hope have been through they wouldn't just "break up." But then again neither would a lot of the other couples. And then again Bo wouldn't be off on his own going through this bullshit mid-life crisis or whatever. I'm sad to hear about the negotiations falling through, AGAIN but that's enough. Just kill Bo off NOW and lets move Hope into a potentially popular pairing and have Bo show up for the 50th. By then Days should be willing to go a little further with their budget and giving PR whatever it is that he wants and PR should be willing to give a little to show appreciation to the show for their big milestone. I really hope Days can pull off something similar to GH's 50th. Really they should have Stefano (or someone) holding all of the male parts of the supercouples in cages somewhere. Steve, Jack, Bo, John, and maybe Shane by that point could be the starting point for the big umbrella story.
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