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Jul 22 2013, 12:55 PM
I really don't want a new love interest for Hope *OR* Marlena. It's weird enough seeing Jennifer with Daniel. GAG.
But the biggest annoyance with Jennifer was that the Daniel/Jack/Jennifer triangle started before Jack was even dead, and every now and then the show (inconsistently, as far as I can tell) tries to insist that she only ever was with Jack out of obligation. With Hope, there's no way that can happen, no other man has even been in her orbit for any real definition of "lately". With Jennifer there was residual resentment carried over from Jack's disappearance in Afghanistan, how Jennifer reacted to that, how Jack was being forced out seemingly to give Dannifer their happy ever after. The situation with Hope is totally different, and also Hope doesn't have this history of other men that have annoyed fans of her long-time pairing with Bo.

I miss Bo a lot and I'm really thankful that they haven't rushed Hope into a new pairing. Still, in the future I think, if PR can't come back, that it's okay if she moves on. Slowly.
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