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Jul 22 2013, 12:53 PM
Jul 22 2013, 12:57 AM
Jul 21 2013, 03:23 PM
The hate on Phyllis is okay. She's a nasty bitch of a character, it's not crazy that many people don't like her. And Phick is hated too, and that's alright. She looks way older than him, and he turned her into a stepford wife type character. Ruined both of them in a lot of people's opinions.
Forget the bus, Sharon is about to get thrown under a 747 during take off. I thought MAB had contempt for Sharon but her contempt pales in comparison to JFP. SC you might think about sending out feelers to B&B and Days!

I just love how the Shick fans demanded Summer's paternity SL be revisited. lol!!
Laughing at the Shick fans over this paternity SL makes no sense. It ruined everyone! Not just Shick (who aren't a couple anyways), but we also lost MS in the process so there goes Phick too. We also had Nick looking like a tool (not much of a loss there honestly) and we had Phyllis kissing Kyle, Kyle wanting her. Should I go on? This SL was a bust for everyone involved. An absolute waste of time and I'm hoping this had nothing to do with Michelle actually wanting to leave, that would just be terrible IMO. Whether I love Phyllis or not I know Y&R can't lose an actress of her caliber and the character without taking a huge hit.
I'd love to know whether the SL drove MS out or if they built the SL around her leaving.
I hope phyliss leaves her dumpster behind, pretty sure the "demented bitch" will need a place to hide from everyone when the Posted Image hits.
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