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Jul 21 2013, 09:57 PM
Unless Gary Tomlin is gone, this show will never write for Bryan Dattilo, or Drake, or Peter, etc....he hates these actors or their characters....he really does. I've heard at least in Bryan's case, it's not Bryan but Lucas that he can't stand....he seems him as a character that if he is showcased so much would make Rafe obsolete, but that is where he's wrong.....you see, I might not like Rafe but he can exist, so can Lucas and so can EJ, as long as they exist in the capacities their characters were originally created for. EJ the villain.....obviously, the romantic lead attempts IMHO is what's made the character a total and complete failure....keep him as a villain and it works. Rafe, the good, cop who is willing to bend the rules a bit to suit his own needs....that's just like Bo, Hope, Roman and all other members of the Salem PD.....Lucas can exist in the grey area, because he was and will always be a grey character. Why they took away his scheming side, I'd never know....his mother is around town and he can certainly have a good story with her....Ej and Sami can exist and Lucas can exist against them but not in the romantic sense....have Lucas and Kate partner up to have Kate take back countess W from the idiots that are running it now...since it no longer belongs to Stefano that wants preventing Kate from doing a hostile takeover of her own....all they need is sales to start heading south for CW and Kate and Lucas can work their magic and take it over.....I'd always thought that Lucas would scheme as he got older for what mattered to him...his kids, his family, anyone important to him....but somehow they took the schemer out of the guy in order to pair him with sami and it's a failure for both Sami and Lucas....as they did the same to Sami too.....now they did the same to EJ until he recently took over Stefano's 'empire' he did nothing but dance around Sami's glittery hoo haa......they can all exist if they wanted them too. Problem is they don't want them to...and that's just wrong.
The problem with Lucas' character is that it has always been tied to Sami. Bryan complained about that often and desperately wanted to be written out of "the box". They attempted a different love interest for him with Chloe, but that failed miserably.

I think that EJ as a romantic lead is just fine. It looks like he'll be kept a villain anyways, but if Victor Newman on Y&R could be a romantic lead for years, so can EJ Dimera. After all Sami's been a villain for years in the same capacity as EJ and been paired with Lucas before and EJ and Rafe after.

That being said I agree that they can write for Lucas if they chose to, and I agree that it would make Rafe obsolete. Heck, anyone can make Rafe obsolete. Not to mention that Lucas is a favorite character of the audience with history on the show, and Rafe is... well... Rafe.
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