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Jul 22 2013, 07:30 PM
Jul 22 2013, 06:21 PM
Right now, I think they're treating the vets better than they have in awhile, with the exception of Drake Hogestyn.

*Marlena's deep in a rivalry with Kristen, who is herself a vet.

*They're using Justin in a meaningful way.

*Adrienne's involved in the action...and though I think Adrienne's coming across too strongly in this situation, I think Judi's nailing her scenes beautifully.

*We've seen more of Abe lately.

*We may not be seeing a lot of Hope right now, but we DO know she's got story coming.

*They're even doing more with Kayla.

*Maggie and Victor are being used...though I don't like the way Maggie's acting about Daniel at all.

Now, if we could get more of Doug and Julie in the midst of all this, and if Hope's story would start airing so we can take a look, I'd think as far as the vets are concerned, we're in a pretty good place at the moment.

I won't mention Missy much, cuz I don't like Jennifer's current story...Well, the mother/boss/friend part is good. Fine. The Daniel part? No comment other than that I don't like it.
I know a lot of people are going to hate this comment; but Alison Sweeney (with her 20 years on the show) qualifies for vet status and she's the heart of this show, like it or not. She's simply the youngest of the vets on this show.
I don't think she's the heart of the show, but she's definitely a vet. For some reason "vet" often just seems to mean "older than 40" on the boards, but AS and BD and even JKJ, NB, and JS have more years on the show than some of the older actors or the people typically characterized as vets. And GG and SC are both closing in on that gap, too. The thing is, I don't think the show actually realizes this. They still think Sami and Lucas are "the kids." The kids with a grandchild.
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