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S loves EJ
Jul 19 2013, 08:42 AM
Jul 19 2013, 07:46 AM
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Jul 19 2013, 07:39 AM
I think they're setting it up for Ejole to be friends again with Nicole telling EJ she'd see him later at the school opening. Because lets face it, everything Nicole predicted with come to pass and Sami will pack up the kids and stomp out of the mansion when EJ becomes a dark villian and Nicole will be the only one in town willing to give him the time of day. After all these months of complete isolation EJole is suddenly given a whole show to interact......something's coming. I'm not saying it'll be romantic, but I do think Nicole will end up being the only friend EJ has in Salem down the road.
and that will surely create a bunch of drama when she's officially with Eric and the entire reveal of what Kristen did comes out.....

I donīt see them writing Ejole as just friends. If Nicole got together with either Eric or Brady I donīt see them being okey with Nicole being to much of a friend to EJ.

I do think it is possible however that they will have Ericole get together just to have Ejole baby turn out to be alive.
It think the way to write EJ and Nicole if they are not together is pretty similar to the way they are writing it for these two episodes or similar to the EJ / Kate relationship.

EJ and Nicole should either be snarking at each other and pointing out each others weaknesses.
EJ and Nicole should be snarking with each other about the general Salem drama.

EJ and Nicole at a Brady Kristen wedding would be hilarious.
I think there is also potential for EJ and Nicole to be hilarious as brother in law / sister in law at various family functions should Nicole and Eric make it.
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