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Grandpa Hughes
Jul 21 2013, 05:13 PM
They really need to let RH go back full-time to OLTL if that show is continuing. His performance as Franco (and now "Jason ") is just cringe worthy. The story sucks too. I don't mind McSilas MD now that Ava is in the mix. I actually like Kiki. The show needs a young triangle like hers with Michael and Morgan. I just want the Franco story to go away and let the other characters continue in their stories outside of that mess. I really am enthralled with MW /Ava Jerome and want her to stick around. She reminds me of a film noir femme fatale. Most of the other stories are good but the pacing and the juggling of characters /storylines needs work.There's still hope for the show with some tweaking.
Agree with the Franco MESS now but Silas is a mess too, he's nothing but John McBain as a doctor only with a worst personality.
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