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This is ridiculous, soap stars leave their jobs and move onto other jobs and yet the soaps continue. For example, when Shemar Moore left, plenty folks were saying well the show is going to take a big hit. Well Y&R is still on. The same goes for all the other actors/actresses who have come and gone. The show will continue until CBS/Sony decides they no longer want to run it because it is not feasible anymore.

If Ms. Stafford is leaving to pursue other projects, I am certainly glad for her and wish her well. When she came to Y&R, she was received in the same way as all other newbies, which was half the viewers viewed her with contempt, a quarter of the viewers were curious and another quarter were excited because she was there to throw a wrench in Cricket's and Danny's relationship. Ms. Stafford eventually worked her way to the point where she has a regular fan base.

Both Ms. Case and Stafford have joined the show in 1994 and they both managed to build up a fan base. Both women's characters have been Wife more than once, sluts, villains etc. It is a soap opera and it is expected that every character will have a storyline to reflect wife, slut, villain etc. So let's just let it go that Sharon is today's crazy slut etc. Once upon a time Phyllis had all those labels.

As for soap ratings, I don't believe it's one variable (soap stars leaving) cause the decline in ratings. Other variables cause ratings to decline such as:
Variable 1: Viewers lifestyle change and they can no longer watch soaps, unless its DVR or online.
Variable 2: More people are back at work and therefore no time to watch.
Variable 3: More TV programs are available and therefore people switch to watch something else.
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